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While the human toll of COVID-19 has been tragic, it has also inflicted devastating economic harm to businesses across the country. Deals have been delayed or destroyed.  Contracts have been breached.  Employees have been terminated.  And insurers have been denying business interruption claims.

AXS LAW attorneys are leading the effort to protect entrepreneurs and small businesses through negotiating bank and government financing, renegotiating contracts, and filing and defending the inevitable litigation that has and will continue to arise.  AXS Law’s successful interventions and advice have been chronicled in the local business journals, television interviews, podcasts, and through our own webinars.  

AXS LAW has also created a team dedicated to pursuing cases against insurers for denying legitimate business interruption claims.  We offer a free initial consultation and will handle such cases primarily on a contingency basis.   Give us a call at 305.297.1878 or contact us at to discuss your options and to enhance the likelihood of obtaining a successful outcome for your business.

Franchisors need to prepare for recovery now. Here is how. AXS Law’s Morgan Geller spoke with 1851 about what franchise brands across segments can do now to find success post-COVID-19.

AXS LAW Group Corporate Team hosted its monthly Wednesday roundtable Q&A discussion on reopening businesses amidst COVID-19, where they covered topics including employee/customer waivers of liability, workplace safety protocols, applicable government guidelines, and best practices for monitoring the health of employees and customers. Make sure to catch our next webinar, which we host monthly on the last Wednesday of each month.

COVID-19 has caused a major disruption in the foodservice industry, opening many new opportunities within the food supply chain. AXS LAW Group partner and franchise lawyer Morgan Geller shares her thoughts on this topic in FSR Magazine

AXS LAW Attorney Andrew Cromer, The Hospitality Advocate, writes for The Miami Herald on what to do when clients want their deposit back due to event cancellations related to COVID-19. Click on link to read more:

AXS LAW Corporate Team hosted its monthly Wednesday Webinar.  Check out our roundtable Q&A discussion on business concerns amidst the continuing COVID-19 pandemic where we delve into issues such as  PPP loans, business interruption insurance, employer liability, workplace safety and compliance for employees and customers and issuing arising for franchises. Please note that nothing in this webinar constitutes legal advice and is for educational purposes only.

Restaurant Coronavirus Chronicles Podcast: Insurance and lawsuits during COVID-19 by Ben Wolkov

AXS LAW Corporate Team hosts a webinar on March 25 for business with COVID -19 legal issues and concerns. Click on link to listen:

AXS Law Group Webinar: COV-19 Business Concerns Panel Discussion and Q&A

AXS LAW Hospitality Team hosts a webinar on March 31st for restaurants and hotels owners with issues related to COVID -19. Click on link to listen: 

COVID-19 and the Hospitality Industry Webinar

AXS LAW Attorney Andrew Cromer, The Hospitality Advocate, writes for The Miami Herald on how to keep your business afloat in today's COVID-19 climate. Click on link to read more: