Artist Painting in Studio
  • AXS LAW GROUP and AXS ART are inviting female artists to submit a brief presentation of the artist artwork for consideration as part of our upcoming art exhibition, “MAKING HER MARK” honoring female artists during Women's International Month. The exhibit will take place at 2121 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite 201 in Wynwood between March 15th and May 15th. The presentation should include a bio of artist, pictures of the art to be display, if selected, and an introductory letter explaining the motivations of the artist and a description of their creative process.

  • Due to the volume and variety of anticipated submissions, we cannot guarantee that all artists will be selected, but we will do our best to ensure that all submissions will be considered.

  • The artists selected will have the opportunity to work together with the AXS ART team to choose a few of their artistic productions as well as participate in curating the exhibition.

  • It is the artist’s sole decision to sell any of the artwork in the exhibition. AXS LAW GROUP and AXS ART shall not be responsible for the sale of artwork in the exhibition nor shall AXS LAW GROUP or AXS ART receive any compensation related to the sale of any artwork.


  • Artwork may be in any medium and format.

  • Artists must be at least 18 years old.

  • All artwork must be original, and must not plagiarize any other work nor infringe the intellectual property

  • rights of another.

  • f desired, a small signature may appear on the artwork submitted, as applicable (in either the bottom left or

  • right corner).

  • Artists are responsible for all installation and removal, which shall be done at a mutually agreeable date and

  • time.

  • AXS LAW GROUP and AXS ART reserve the right to decline any submission that is deemed offensive or

  • unsuitable for this exhibition.

  • AXS LAWGROUP and AXS ART have the right to use images of the artist’s selected artworks in

  • promotional print and digital materials and in our promotional and educational posts to social media.


  • Artwork will stay in AXS LAW GROUP’s offices for the full length of the exhibit unless agreed otherwise by all parties.

  • There will be an opening night for the exhibit and the artists will be permitted to invite a select number of guests, depending on the expected audience size.

  • Exhibit will be open to the public by appointment only.


  • Follow directions carefully and provide all information required by email to: on or before February 18th, 2022


AXS LAW GROUP through AXS ART hosts quarterly art exhibitions to support the arts and local creative professionals. For more information, visit:

Thank you for your participation!