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The cases below represent examples of the exceptional results that AXS LAW attorney GEOFFREY STOVER has achieved in a wide range of cases over the last few years.

  • Won trial victory for contemporary art museum seeking to enforce its option to purchase the property.  The landlord attempted to circumvent the option agreement and sell to a developer for millions more than the negotiated option price.  After years of bitter litigation, Mr. Stover and his team obtained a judgment requiring the landlord to sell the property to the museum, saving the museum from having to close and preserving free-admission contemporary art for the community.  The Court also awarded the museum its attorneys’ fees.


  • Won jury verdict for independent healthcare company accused of breaching agreement with an executive to pay millions in bonuses and damages.  Not only did Mr. Stover obtain a full defense verdict for his client, he persuaded the Court to order the employee to repay the salary he was paid while he was setting up his competing business.


  •  Won judgment against the City of Los Angeles in an action challenging the validity of a business improvement district (“BID”) where property owners are forced to pay for services they do not want or need based on a rigged election.  After the Court ruled that the City had not followed due process laws, the City was forced to dissolve the BID.  It was the first successful challenge of a BID in Los Angeles.


  • Obtained a judgment against the State of California ordering the State to turn over records related to administrative proceedings against the trucking industry.


  • Obtained favorable financial settlement for small financial services consulting company against large, global conglomerate that conspired with client’s employees to steal clients and proprietary trade secrets.

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