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The cases below represent examples of the exceptional results that AXS LAW attorney BRIAN TINKHAM has achieved in a wide range of cases over the last few years.

  • Represented Sylvester Stewart p/k/a/ Sly Stone in multiple disputes against his former manager and related entities, which resulted in a multi-million-dollar settlement and the return of intellectual property back to Mr. Stewart. Additionally, represented Mr. Stewart in a copyright termination action against Michael Jackson’s estate.

  • Obtained summary judgment on behalf of an award-winning vineyard in a case involving an alleged oral agreement by a father and brother promising a piece of land (that later became a vineyard) to the father’s daughter because she was shot and paralyzed. Alban v. Alban Vineyards, Inc., 2009 WL 5067620.

  • Successfully opposed a Motion for Class Certification on behalf of an international clothing label manufacturer and obtained summary judgment against individual class members in a dispute valued by the Plaintiffs’ counsel at $2B. Webb v. Carter’s Inc. 272 F.R.D. 489 (C.D. Cal. 2011).

  • Obtained a $7.2M settlement in a breach of contract action, with the dismissal of related cross-complaint.

  • Obtained a $13M settlement in a partnership dispute involving real property.

  • Obtained summary judgment in an implied-in-fact contact action brought by a screenplay writer involving the movie Life of the Party.

  • Obtained a dismissal with prejudice on behalf of a former president of a movie studio in a purported $1M intentional interference with economic relations claim after the initial round of written discovery.

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