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The cases below represent examples of the exceptional results that AXS LAW  has achieved in a wide range of cases over the last few years.


  • One week before a private equity fund signed a $700 million letter of intent with Clorox, it wrongfully terminated one of the partners, depriving him of $5 million worth of carried interest.  After hiring a New York lawyer and a large international firm, the partner turned to AXS LAW who took the case on risk and got the case to trial where, during opening statements, the trial judge began ruling against the defendants’ positions “as a matter of law,” resulting in a settlement before the end of the day. 

  • Prof. Dr. Bankole Johnson, a world renowned psychiatrist and scientist, with more than 80 patents to his name, was wrongfully terminated as the CEO of his own company by a foreign investor.  AXS LAW took over the case from a lawyer who was content to file an arbitration claim and wait the year it would take to arbitrate the claim.  After winning an emergency injunction in state court that enjoined the investor from removing any further funds, we asked the judge to require mediation, resulting in a settlement within 30 days. 

  • Our Middle Eastern client’s former European business partner hacked his server, attempting to extort him under the threat of exposing his private financial and business information. Within days of being contacted by the client, AXS LAW immediately sought and obtained an emergency restraining order preventing the defendant from any further hacking, prohibiting him from disclosing or destroying any of the hacked material, even in court filings, and requiring him to turn over all of his computers to an independent forensic expert.  The case settled within weeks of the restraining order being issued. 

  • When a Miami businessman built a nationwide business training doctors on a novel treatment for erectile dysfunction, and marketing the treatment, one of his doctor clients stole his confidential and trade secret marketing insights to develop a smaller, more private, more affordable method of delivering the same treatment, threatening his entire business.  We sued and obtained a preliminary injunction in federal court in Miami and settled the case within weeks thereafter.  The parties are now productive business partners in the new business. 

  • When the President of a prosperous and fast-growing online loan company was terminated by his brother, the controlling shareholder, in an effort to deprive him of the value they had created together, we filed a shareholder derivative action and settled the matter within a month.  

  • When an online marketing company’s website was taken over and closed by an angry shareholder, we filed an emergency TRO and settled the matter before the emergency hearing, reopening the website, and the company, for business within a matter of days. 

  • Our client, US Media Consulting, had a three-year contract to provide advertising for Shazam and stood to lose millions of dollars when Apple acquired Shazam and terminated all of its advertising contracts.  AXS LAW filed suit in Miami (despite a New York forum selection clause), agreed to mediate with Apple, and settled the case before any significant legal fees were expended.  

  • After our publicly traded client acquired a division of another publicly traded company, it discovered that certain financial representations had been fraudulent, causing significant losses and seriously harming company’s stock price. In Delaware Chancery Court, up against five partners from Wachtel Lipton (charging a total of $7500 per hour), AXS LAW negotiated a favorable confidential settlement agreement. 

  • Three years after a financial services company was acquired by a major credit card processing company, the CEO was wrongfully terminated depriving him of his salary, bonus, and visibility into the company in which he retained a 50% interest. With litigation already underway and $30 million at stake, AXS LAW declared a “seller acceleration event,” forcing an appraisal process, and orchestrated a high-stakes mediation that resulted in a settlement within six months of the commencement of litigation. 

  • A local Wynwood-based technology company had its website hijacked by a disgruntled shareholder, which essentially shut down all commercial operations of the company. AXS LAW worked throughout the night and filed an emergency motion the next morning. Prior to the emergency hearing, the disgruntled shareholder agreed to release the website and settle all disputes including his departure from the company.  

  • When the shareholders in one of Miami’s most famous retailers were heading towards litigation, we developed a strategy to implement the buy-sell provision in the shareholder’s agreement.  The crux of the strategy was to induce the other shareholder to make a lowball offer, which was then turned against that shareholder to gain complete control of the company.  

  • The chief architect and 40% owner of a cutting-edge software company in the healthcare industry faced a frivolous suit – and a motion for an emergency injunction –  by his fellow shareholders accusing him of stealing trade secrets in a thinly veiled attempt to take his shares.  At the opening statements of the emergency hearing, we emphasized the frivolity of the proceeding by stressing that the other shareholders had not even reached out to discuss the matter before filing, resulting in the end of the hearing and an instruction to the parties to discuss the issues, resulting in the effective withdrawal of the motion.  

  • When a prominent international businessman sexually harassed not one, but two, of his employees, we prepared a lawsuit but did not immediately file it.  Instead, we delivered it through a former FBI agent, and immediately opened settlement discussions.  At a formal mediation we presented a 20 minute video – “60 Minutes” style – depicting the glamorous life of the businessman and his famous friends and the holistic brand image he had built, and contrasted that with the tearful stories of the young women he had harassed.  The case settled within weeks.  

  • When the CEO of a public company was threatened with a frivolous claim for sexual harassment, we prepared a counter-suit for extortion, sent it to the would‑be plaintiff, and settled the matter privately within a matter of weeks. 

  • When a local university used the image of a prominent black female professor to market to black females without her permission we prepared a complaint and again settled the matter within weeks without having to file publicly. 

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