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Lawyers for Children America (LFCA), a non-profit child advocacy organization that provides pro bono legal representation to children who are victims of abuse, abandonment and neglect and are involved in the child welfare system, has awarded AXS Law Group attorney Brandon Rose with the 2018 LFCA Pro bono Attorney Award.

For the past four years, Brandon has been representing a Miami teen girl in foster care, T.B.The child was placed in foster care several years ago when she was removed from her adoptive mother’s home due to allegations of abuse against the adoptive mother and her adoptive mother’s boyfriend.  After entering foster care, T.B. was mostly placed in different group homes.  Since becoming her attorney ad litem, Brandon helped T.B. navigate through various living situations, including foster homes and group placements, as well as developing relationships with relatives who have reentered her life.  

Over the years, Brandon has advocated to ensure that T.B. receives all needed services.  Beyond providing legal representation, Brandon also has served as T.B.’s mentor. In addition, Brandon always ensured that T.B. maintained a close relationship with her sisters and had frequent visitations during weekends and holidays. Once T.B.’s older sister aged out of foster care herself, the system imposed additional requirements of fingerprinting and homestudies before allowing further visits between T.B. and her sister. Brandon navigated the legal process for T.B. and worked to ensure sibling visitations. 

A few years ago T.B. became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, and Brandon then began assisting T.B. with her baby as well, to ensure there would not be a dependency case and to prevent the baby from becoming a second-generation foster child.  Through Brandon’s advocacy, T.B. and her baby were kept together in the best living situations available so that T.B. could care for her child, while still pursuing her goals.  This included educational advocacy by Brandon to ensure that T.B. attended high schools with access to daycare, as well as securing daycare while T.B. has been employed at various jobs.  T.B. has shown herself to be an excellent young mother who has worked hard to make a better life for herself and her baby than she herself had as a child.  

This past year, T.B. was turning age 18, and Brandon continued to serve as lawyer and mentor to her through a special LFCA program supported by the Children’s Trust and the Miami-Dade County Community Based Organizations grant program in which LFCA assists older foster youth transitioning out of state care.  As T.B. was preparing to age out of state custody, Brandon helped her qualify for all the services that she was entitled to receive through the Extended Foster Care (EFC) program and secure a placement together with her baby. Currently, T.B. continues to blossom, now living independently in the EFC program with her child, and Brandon continues to represent and mentor her.  T.B. remains in school, and her goal is to become a veterinarian. T.B.’s child is also blossoming, and Brandon notes that she brings a smile to everyone she meets.  Beyond Brandon’s service as a LFCA pro bono lawyer in the case of T.B. and her baby, Brandon also provides service to LFCA as a member of  LFCA Board of Directors.

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