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Cornell Law School, J.D. 1992

Syracuse University, B.A. 1989


New York



Jeff gutchesS

After spending 20 years defending multinational companies, Jeff has shifted his practice towards the plaintiffs side where, in just the last 5 years, he has recovered more than $300 million for clients (and more than $50 million in the last year).  Jeff’s clients include publicly traded companies, CEO’s of public and private companies, numerous entrepreneurs, college professors, and victims of sexual harassment, among others.  Defendants Jeff is suing, and has sued recently, include General Electric, Apple, Samsung, Norwegian Cruise Lines, CIGNA, the Virgin Group, and Miami City Commissioner Joe Carollo. Jeff has filed confidential arbitration claims against many other companies, and has settled many suits before having to file anything in court. 

As one of the founding members of AXS Law, Jeff is working to create a firm culture that accomplishes three primary goals. First, it promotes the talents of young lawyers by encouraging them to argue motions, develop strategy, and manage client relations, resulting in lower costs for clients.  Second, it treats lawyers fairly, equitably, and transparently in their compensation, resulting in happier, better compensated attorneys.  Third, it encourages lawyers to enjoy their lives to the fullest, including extensive travel and outside interests, rather than just “billing hours.”   This firm culture has attracted many of Miami’s best young lawyers who have formed one the most formidable legal teams in all of Miami. 

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