Maria Olivieri

Maria Olivieri




Maria Olivieri is an accomplished attorney with over two decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, specializing in petroleum negotiations with major oil companies including Chevron, where she held the position of Legal Manager of a significant project in the realm of extra heavy crude oil. Her experience in this high-stakes role further honed her legal acumen and deepened her understanding of the energy industry. Maria honed her skills in negotiating intricate contracts and navigating high-level corporate world.

Known for her love of challenges and a passion for taking calculated risks, Maria made a bold career move. She transitioned from the world of corporate law to the unpredictable yet exciting realm of entrepreneurship, particularly in the fashion industry. With a deep eye for style and a profound affinity for the beauty of Latin America, Maria became the owner of a fashion brand that pays homage to her roots. Her undertakings proved to be immensely successful, marking her as a visionary in entrepreneurial domains.

Originally from Venezuela, she embarked on a life-changing journey to the United States motivated by the desire to provide a brighter future for her children among the political challenges in her home country where her determination and hard work led to the fulfilment of becoming a U.S. citizen.

While her heart is now deeply entwined with the world of fashion and her fashion company, Maria has not abandoned her roots in the legal profession. Capitalizing on her exceptional managerial and communication skills, Maria now works for AXS LAW as Legal Office Manager. In this role, she utilizes her talents as a skilled negotiator and communicator to address the firm's needs and its clients.

As an international experienced attorney, and creative entrepreneur, Maria seamlessly balances her roles, making a significant impact in both the worlds of fashion and law. Her unique blend of legal acumen, cultural experiences, and a deep love for her homeland’s landscapes enriches everything she undertakes.


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