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Our Experience With Class Action Lawsuits

Our Plaintiff side class action practice focuses primarily on consumer, employment, and civil rights matters. In this context, we have experience representing individual plaintiffs against Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, and private prison companies. Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted numerous class action lawsuits in state and federal courts. Class-action suits can be an effective way to trigger company- or industry-wide policy change. Because unlawful policies or business may only affect individuals by a relatively small amount, class actions are often the only way to effect needed change. In connection with our class action practice, our attorneys have obtained settlements valued in excess of $60 million on behalf of employees and consumers.

We also have deep experience on the defense side of class actions. We have successfully defended corporate clients in consumer class actions involving claims of false advertising, unfair business practices, toxic torts, product liability, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Truth in Lending Act, among many other state and federal legal theories. With our understanding of class actions from both sides, we find solutions to achieve the best possible defense outcome in a cost-efficient manner.